About Us

Our Vision

Our work makes it possible for organizations to undertake digital transformation with the least impact on company processes. ZeroComa is committed to guaranteeing a perfect coupling and rapid implementation of the Solutions.

Our Mission

At ZeroComa we are dedicated to developing solutions for the digital transformation of companies. We focus our work mainly in the areas of Electronic Billing, Immediate Supply of Information, Certified and Professional Document Scanning, Automatic Accounting of Invoices, Management of Expense Notes, Electronic Notifications, Process Automation, Electronic Signature and Regulatory Compliance. We are experts in digital transformation.

20% of Invoice receivedPublic Administration
50Millionsdocuments scanned annually
2000DEH managed dailyDEH
10Millionsinvoices accounted every year

Work with us

Join ZeroComa and be part of a young, dynamic and innovative team!

Work groups

ZeroComa’s concern and interest in new technologies has motivated its presence in some of the most influential work groups and forums on modernization nationwide. At ZeroComa we know first hand the present and future reality of the market and we promote new technologies throughout the business fabric.

ZeroComa participates in …

Forum of the Ministry of Finance and Public Function of FACeB2B for the deployment of the Electronic Invoice in the private sector.
National Multilateral Forum on Electronic Billing on behalf of the National Association of Internet Companies (ANEI).
‘Pilot Project’ of the Treasury for the SII.
Forum Minhapf Citizen / Company Folder.
CTN 178 AENOR of Digital Cities.
Committee ‘Mirror’ AEN CTN 312 for the definition of the electronic invoice scheme in public procurement in the EU.
Forum Minhapf Electronic File.
Founding member of the Electronic Contracting Commission constituted by the National Association of Internet Companies (ANEI).
Electronic Administration Commission Public Administration.


ZeroComa has the backing of numerous approvals, awards and recognitions.

First Electronic Invoice Solution approved by the Treasury.
Various solutions approved by the Tax Agency (AEAT) and the Provincial Councils to perform the Certified Digitization.
National Award for the Best Electronic Billing Solution.
First integrated solution with FACe and PGE in Windows environment.
Company hired by Red.es for the preparation and drafting of the integration guide with FACe.

Our Clients

Discover the solutions that ZeroComa has offered to its customers

    Solutions aimed at automating business processes, electronic invoicing and certified digitalization.


    Conde de Peñalver St., 36
    28006 Madrid (Spain)


    (+34) 91 444 95 67