Immediate Supply of Information (SII)

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The Immediate Supply of Information (SII) is a new system for keeping VAT registration books and the IGIC that is carried out through the Electronic Headquarters of the Treasury. It entered into force on July 1, 2017 for the AEAT, on January 1, 2018 for the Regional Treasury and on January 1, 2019 for the Canary Tax Agency.

The SII obliges companies to declare and send electronically to the Platform provided by the Treasury the detail of the invoices 4 days after they have been issued or accounted for if they are received, bringing the invoice registration time closer to the effective realization of the invoices. The economic operation.

At ZeroComa we have developed a solution, EdasSII, which, with about 1,000 users, is one of the most prominent and used for the management of IBS. EdasSII is compatible with the SII of the AEAT, the SII of the Haciendas Forales and the SII of the Canary Islands.

The Tax Agency implements a new system of keeping accounting for the products subject to Special Taxes (SILICIE), in accordance with Article 50 of the Special Tax Regulation. From January 1, 2020, the obligation of keeping the accounting of the products subject to Special Taxes, and where appropriate, the raw materials used in obtaining them, will be carried out through the electronic Headquarters of the Tax Agency, by electronic supply of accounting entries.

The ideal solution to accomplish with the SII

At ZeroComa we devised EdasSII for all companies that need, by obligation or voluntarily, to adapt to this requirement. Our solution covers all the needs of an organization for compliance with IBS, with the power, versatility and simplicity that characterize our products.

Who is required to submit the SII?

  • Registered in the REDEME (Monthly VAT / IGIC Refund Registry).
  • Large Companies (turnover over 6 million euros).
  • VAT / IGIC groups.
  • Entrepreneurs or professionals not established in Spain who have the status of taxpayers with a monthly settlement period of VAT / IGIC.
  • Any non-liable taxpayer who voluntarily wishes to adhere and notify it in the census declaration (mod. 036).
    – All of them must send the information to the Treasury within 4 days from the date of issuance of the invoices issued, and within 4 days from the date on which the accounting record of the invoice is produced for the case of invoices received.

-For the subjects obliged to the Immediate Supply of Information, the obligation to present models 347, 340 and 390 (415, 416, 425 and 340 in the Canary Islands) is eliminated.

– For the subjects obliged to the Immediate Supply of Information, the deadline for submitting self-assessments is extended to the first 30 calendar days of the month following the monthly settlement period.

What are the SII Record Books?

Thus, the different Registration Books will be configured almost in real time:

  • Issued Invoices
  • Invoices Received
  • Investment assets (not for SII Canarias)
  • Certain Intra-Community Operations (not for SII Canarias).
  • Cash receipts (only if they are charged from the same entity above € 6,000 in one year)
  • Collections (for entities under RECC)
  • Payments (for entities under RECC)
  • Insurance Operations
  • Travel agency

How is the information sent to the SII?

It can be sent in two ways:

  • Electronically, through Web Services based on the exchange of XML messages.
  • Filling in a web web form ’for taxpayers who perform very few operations or for isolated invoices.


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