Certified Digitization

Certified Digitization and Authentic Copy – Remove paper invoices

What is certified digitization?

It is a digitalization process that, by complying with the requirements established by the AEAT and the Provincial Councils of the Basque Country and Navarra, gives the file resulting from the capture process the same tax and legal value as the original paper document.

The result of the process:

It guarantees the integrity of the content and the authenticity of the document that results from the scanning process
Ensures full access to archived information

The AEAT requires that the solution comply with what is established by Ministerial Order EHA / 962/2007 of April 10 and subsequently develops the Resolution of October 24. And it is the following:

The digitalization and signature of the invoice must be carried out in a single act without user intervention to ensure that the image is identical to the original and has not subsequently been modified.
The image of the invoice must be linked to the metadata that identifies the approved software with which it has been digitized.
Finally, the database must be signed coinciding with the closing of the fiscal periods to ensure that not only in the images, but also in the data associated with them, the integrity of the content is guaranteed.
For AEAT approval, a technical report must be presented describing how these requirements are met and a computer audit of a company of proven solvency that certifies that the solution does what the manufacturer says.

Certified Digitization is Recommended to:

Large and Medium Business

Savings, productivity and control

Micropymes and Autonomous

A simple and fast format

Public Administration

Efficiency with capital letters

More information on Certified Digitization

Some of the main advantages of EdasFacturas:

  • Accounting of invoices that have been Digitized Certified in the application.
  • Market application approved by the AEAT (paper invoices, PDF and electronic invoice FACTURAE).
  • Compatible with all TWAIN scanners on the market.
  • Compatible with all electronic signature certificates approved by the AEAT.
  • Ideal 1 to 1 invoice scanning and mass scanning with OCR treatment and at scanning speeds (depending on the scanner) of more than 200 pages per minute.
  • Full view of the income and expenditure statements of the company and preparation of the VAT Registration Book of all company invoices.
  • Modular, each installation can be adjusted to the user’s needs.
    Application with the largest number of licenses installed in Spain (more than 8,000).

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