Automatic Accounting

Extract data from invoices and automatically make accounting entries

Automatic Accounting Solution

Extracting invoice data and automatically making accounting entries has never been easier. At ZeroComa we have developed a perfect Automatic Accounting Solution that is fully compatible with the most widespread accounting in the market.

Our technology allows to automate this manual process, with the consequent savings in terms of time and money involved. EdasFacturas reduces by 70% the time spent extracting invoice data and by 90% the time spent making income and expense entries.

The software developed by ZeroComa is a powerful business report generator and also offers users several possibilities:

Perform a massive scan with automatic signing.
Provide customers with periodic exports where they will have the ability to search.
Perform a profile specialization (digitizer and data extractor, reviewer of entries for seats, etc.) so that accountants can remove administrative tasks of data chopping.

Advantages of Automatic Accounting

For the company or advice

The advantages in terms of saving time and reducing expenses (about € 10.53 per document that is no longer physically filed) are notorious. In addition, productivity improves by 71.9% just by archiving and managing information with a computer system.

If you have an advice or work in your company with invoices, these are the main advantages of having EdasFacturas on your team:

Saving time in the extraction and ‘picking ’of the invoice data
The EdasLink module, integrated in EdasFacturas, allows you to visualize ‘a proposal’ for accounting entries that can be marked as correct or modified. As this module includes the link to accounting, all entries to accounting can be automatically dumped, with one click, saving time and increasing productivity.
The company or the consultancy, when scanning invoices with EdasFacturas, can perform the Certified Digital Conservation thereof, which allows you to throw paper invoices and dispense with the physical file legally.
In the case of an advice, there is the possibility of providing this conservation service to the client and offering the immediate location of any invoice, which would facilitate a tax audit or inspection. In short, the same accountant may serve more clients or may devote more time to the actual advice of the same.

For the advice client

Automatically counting invoices with EdasFacturas allows productivity to be improved by 71.9%, just by archiving and managing information with a computer system. In addition, users of our solution save € 10.53 per document that is no longer physically archived.

The client of the advice could legally dispense with the physical file if the consultancy performs the Certified Digital Conservation.
The client could acquire from the advice in a quarterly file all the invoices of the quarter and access their invoices in seconds to obtain any information.
It would greatly facilitate your work in audits, tax inspections, etc. by having -the client and the advice- the ability to filter searches by a multitude of criteria.
Any company -client- that acquires EdasFacturas also benefits from all the advantages that this solution brings to any entity.

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