We promote the use of electronic invoicing in the private sector

The electronic invoice reaches the private sector thanks to FACeB2B

The success of the implementation of the electronic invoice in the Public Sector, effective since January 15, 2015, is also replicated in the relationships between private sector companies. The Ministry of Finance and Public Function has created FACeB2B with the objective of generalizing the electronic invoice reaching all companies, regardless of their size, sector or degree of computerization.

Advantages of transmitters and receivers for FACeB2B

  • Proof of delivery date and time to comply with the Late Payment Law.
  • Reduction of the Average Collection Period of invoices.
  • Automate the sending and receipt of invoices.
  • Greater ease to manage charges and incidents.
  • Free electronic invoices exchange with any company.
  • Replacing the arduous billing processes through contractor platforms and cost savings.
  • Large Companies promote their use by allowing any company to work with them as suppliers.
  • To the extent that the use of the electronic invoice is global and massive, all the advantages of an electronic system will be obtained.

Applicable regulations: Law 9/2017 of Public Sector Contracts

Article 216:

Payment terms will be computed from the moment the acceptance or verification of the goods or services by the contractor takes place, provided that the invoice has been delivered on time.

Acceptance must be made within a maximum period of 30 days from the delivery of the goods or services.

If the contractor does not pay the invoices in the fixed term, the subcontractor will be entitled to the collection of the late payment interest and to the compensation of the costs of managing the collections.

It is mandatory for the subcontractor to electronically invoice the amounts> € 5,000 and OPTIONAL if the amounts are less.

Article 217

The AAPP and other contracting public entities may verify the strict compliance of payments to subcontractors.

Thirty-second additional provision:

Before June 30, 2018, the Ministry of Finance and Public Function will make available to contractors and subcontractors a unique Electronic Registry that will allow to prove the date on which the invoices are presented.

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